The history of D'Sound

D´Sound consists of drummer Kim and bassplayer Jonny. The band members consider D`Sound as a modern pop band with flavours of jazz og funk.

Spice Of Life
When D`Sound was formed, in 1993, the line up was Simone, Jonny and Kim Ofstad. They had their first rehearsals in a damp Oslo basement. The band hit the Norwegian charts with the single ”Real Name”, topping both sales and radio charts. Their debut album, ”Spice of Life”, was subsequently released at the beginning of 1997, and established D’Sound as a band of major significance on the Norwegian music scene. Their fusion of elements from acid jazz, soul, funk, pop and drum’n’bass created a distinct and international sound, deservedly praised by both critics and the record buying public. The record was nominated for two ”Spellemannpriser”, the Norwegian equivalent to the Brits and the Grammies. In the singles chart, D’Sound enjoyed success with singles like ”Smooth Escape” and ”All I wanna do”.

Beauty Is A Blessing
At the end of 1998, the follow-up ”Beauty is a Blessing” was released, featuring an even heavier influence from drum’n’bass and modern soul. The record was another major success, resulting in a Spellemannpris for ”Best Norwegian Pop Group” in 1998. The singles ”Ain’t giving up” and ”Down on the Street” became massive chart busters both sales and radio wise, with "Down on the Street" even entering the UK club charts. D’Sound is long since established as one of the best live bands in Norway. The band is skilled and ambitious musicians who instantly captures the audiences when get together on the stage. Several successful tours around Norway and international gigs have cemented their deserved reputation as brilliant and electrifying live performers.

Talkin´ Talk
After a short break from band activities, D’Sound started their work on ”Talkin’ Talk” in March 2000. This time they were given the opportunity to be their own producers, and joined forces with long-time collaborator and keyboardist Stein Austrud.
On "Talkin' Talk" the band was able to pursue their passion for modern American R & B. Strong sources of inspiration included Angie Stone, d’Angelo, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. The songs were still the focal point, but D`Sound this time had a stronger edge towards beats, and the band members described the work on the album as a big challenge groove-wise. The bass- and drum-led first single, ”Sing my Name”, is in that respect representative of the whole album.
In January 2001, D´Sound went to mix their album in Virginia Beach, USA, one of the world’s leading R&B-scenes. For the band it was a dream come true. They worked with the highly acclaimed mixer Serban Ghenea, whose previous track record includes several major names, among them Pharrell/Neptunes, Janet Jackson, Prince, Blackstreet, Jill Scott and Kelis. The band and Ghenea really hit it off, and together they ensured that the album got that very special D’Sound.

Doublehearted was recorded in Oslo, 2002. At this point the band wanted an external producer, and Espen Berg at Livingroom studios, with whom they worked on Spice Of Life and Beauty Is A Blessing, was a natural choice. Simone met her future husband, producer Simen Eriksrud, on this production :-)
Once again D´Sound had a major hit single “Do I Need A Reason”. This gave the band new success, and lead not only to success in Norway, but also in Germany and Southeast Asia.
During this period the band was touring together with their old-time favorites Incognito and Brand New Heavies. This lead to a collaboration with Tony Momrelle, the lead singer of Incognito. Tony sang on a duet on D´Sounds following album, My Today.

My Today
Inspired from touring with Incognito and The Brand New Heavies, the band wanted to go back to their acid-jazz roots. The album was produced by D´Sound at Fagerborg Studios in Oslo, summer of 2006.
With this album D`Sound finally was able to tour as a headliner in Europe, and confirming their position as a popular act in Asia.
After My Today the band decided to have a break while Simone was having her child. Meanwhile Jonny and Kim focused on their producing careers, producing artists like awardwinning debutant Sofian and international success act MadCon.

Starts And Ends 
As the band was working on their 6th studioalbum, "Starts and Ends", tensions grew between Kim and the other two band members. Before finishing recording, Kim quit the band. Jonny and Simone decided to release the album as a duo. Although it was no commercial success, it still is treasured by fans, because of its melancholic melodies and "big" sound.  

After not having spoken to each other for quite some time, Jonny and Kim started having coffees together. They decided to book a studio for just a few days to check if they still had some musical chemistry going on. Simone was sceptic, but went along with it. They invited their long time band-mates Stein Austrud and Bernt Rune Stray, jamming on 10 songs that Simone and Jonny had written the past year.
After one day, sparks were flying, and after three days they had recorded the album now known as "Signs". D'Sound was on fire again.