Jonny Sjo was born in Molde, Norway on 7th April 1969.
Jonny's interest in music took off within the congregational community, and taking part in various choir outings and musical productions, he discovered a liking for the bass guitar. 

Artists such as Koinonia, Weather Report, James Jamerson, Gino Vannelli, George Duke and Patti Austin were major influences. It was, however, bass player Abe Laboriel in Koinonia who took over idolatory status and source of inspiration, paving the way to gigs with other jazz musicians. Jonny, too, went overseas to study at American Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition to the four-year course at Berklee, there were long and demanding rehearsals and a variety of gigs in Boston's many clubs. For instance Jonny got to play with drummers like Abe Laboriel Jr and Little John Roberts. As previously mentioned, Jonny found a kindred spirit when meeting Kim. Jonny moved to Oslo one year after Kim. Employed at state-owned broadcasting network NRK, he was responsible for producing a number of music videos for a favourite youth programme. In addition to working for NRK, he worked as a freelance session musician for well known Norwegian artists.

Jonny Sjo plays a black & #FATSOUNDING #YAMAHA BB5000

Jonny closeup
Jonny playing