Simone was born in Freburg, Germany, on 21st August 1970. (German mother & Turkish father)
Simone moved from Freiburg to the small, Norwegian town Volda in 1979, when her mother married her Norwegian stepfather. "I could not speak the language and the other kids thought I was strange. This must have triggered something in me, because that year I started making songs which I also took down on paper". 

As Simones mother observed her daughter singing before she could even speak, Simone was given both a piano and a guitar. The self-taught song writer and aspiring singer found out that she was at her happiest singing. At 13 she performed her first gig. During a music course at boarding school Simone came into contact with everything from jazz to folk music, and she made an early discovery that every musician has his or her own expression; it is only a matter of finding it. When Simone finished High School / A-levels she moved to Oslo, where she made a number of new acquaintances and contacts. She became vocalist in a band called The Dingleberries, and it was during this phase she first started discovering her own musical expression and developing her extrovert performing style. The Dingleberries paid no attention to musical dos and don'ts and completely did their own thing interpreting anything from 30's jazz to Frank Zappa and James Brown. The period with the band was an important one for developing her song writing, and when The Dingleberries fell apart in 1995 Simone was destined to meet Kim and Jonny.

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