Green Eyes

Her we are, as close as we can get
We’re in too deep, it cannot be forgotten
It is more than curiousity

Your embrace did amaze me from the very start
Get closer til I hear the rhythm of your heart
You make a hard attack

No matter where, you get always in my hair
And in your lap lies paradise
It’s not a matter of resisting
It’s just a matter of existing with green eyes

This lust is a hell-machine
Devils voice and gasoline
And I want you more than anything
This lust is a hell-machine

Get upset when I’m breathing in your feromones
This desire is a curse and I want it more and more
It’s all I’m living for

When I dream it’s of you
About your lips and hands
When I wake it’s a punishement I know that I deserve
It’s tearing on my nerves

No matter where, yo